Welcome to Cia\'s Garden Shed!

Starting a blog was not something I ever thought I would do, but lately, I’ve felt the urge to write. There have been so many changes in our lives, and some days I don\’t feel like I\’m adjusting well.  Other days, I\’m very excited about a project or meal.  In either case, I find comfort in writing about it. 
My name is Cecilia, but I named myself Cia for my blog and Etsy store.  I always wanted a cute nickname.  I grew up known as \”Ceily,\” which sounds like Sealy of the posturepedic mattress variety.  I never liked it.  In my twenties, I met another gal named Cecilia, and everyone called her, “Cia!”  What a lovely nickname. It didn\’t remind people of a mattress. I was envious.  So, as a twenty-something, I dumped Ceily for Cecilia, and today adopted Cia.
The blog is named after the old white shed in the shade of our back yard.  I like to think of this e-space as a collection of thoughts, ideas, projects, and recipes…kind of like the old shed with its collections. 
I had been working retail for the last several years.  It was sort of a new thing after working in education.  The virus came along and changed my way of life.  I’ve decided not to return to work because I’m in a higher risk category, so I\’m staying home for a while.

Being at home full time is an adjustment.  I stayed at home with my daughter until she was in fourth grade.  But it\’s a different situation today.  My daughter is 22 and at home, my husband works from the dining room table eight hours daily.   While I try to stay busy with cleaning, painting, cooking, gardening, and crafts, I still struggle with being at home for the foreseeable future.  
My goal for this blog is to find some normalcy for myself in the routine of writing regularly.  The bonus of this blog would be if it inspires, moves, comforts or makes a reader laugh.

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